Mitch Brown Scores Merrittville Win

By: Jonathon Howe

THOROLD, ONTARIO (August 29, 2020) … Brantford, Ontario’s Mitch Brown scored the win in the 360 Sprint Cars as the “Winged Warriors” made their second appearance of the season at the Merrittville Speedway on Saturday night.

The 360 Sprint feature was won by Mitch Brown, who survived several restarts, including one with just 2 laps left in the race. Brown was strong from the drop of the green flag, lapping several cars with ease. A red flag was thrown about halfway through the race after Cole McDonald flipped. McDonald was ok, and the race would re-fire with a lap car separating Brown from Cory and Ryan Turner who were running 2nd and 3rd respectively. On the final restart, Cory Turner was able to line on the back bumper of Brown, but nobody could deny Mitch Brown the victory. Cory Turner settled for second with Jordan Poirier finishing in third place. Ryan Turner and Liam Martin would complete the top five.

NEWS AND NOTES: Jacob Dykstra sported a #67 on the wing of his 360 Sprint Car in honor of Pete Richardson, a longtime sprint racer from New York State who died earlier this month. The track had a pop-up shower that slowed the field down during the 4 Cylinder feature.


360 Sprint Cars: MITCH BROWN, Cory Turner, Jordan Poirier, Ryan Turner, Liam Martin, Jim Huppunen, Travis Cunningham, Holly Porter, Josh Hansen, Jamie Turner, Jake Brown, Glenn Styres, Jacob Dykstra, Dave McKnight Jr, Shone Evans, Aaron Turkey, Steve Lyons, Dillan Sliter, Kevin Pauls, Jeremy Hughes, Scott Burk, Cole Macdonald, Allen Gilleta, Shawn Sliter

Qualifying Heats: Mitch Brown, Cory Turner, Aaron Turkey